Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Awww, My First Blog Is Born.....

I am simply going to free-write whatever comes into my head for my first blog. If you are reading this....good luck trying to follow along and I apologize in advance!

Isn't it great to write to the big U. Universe that is. There have been many times I would just love to take all my frustrations and put them in bottle and throw them in the ocean...or mail them off with no address...take them to the post office and dump it in the drop box and run. What happens to those letters? Are they kept in some secret place until the end of time? I am positive it is a headache for some clerk who is not allowed to throw them away.... just yet. Anyhow, it is my way to rebel. Let someone else deal with what to do about how I feel, because I an just as puzzled!

Some poor sucker will find that bottle, or twenty years later find an archived pile of undeliverable letters and think they have found something special, when in actuality it's just the prattling of a redhead who is just aching to let some blond out.

I have no thoughts, opinions or discovery's that will stand the test of time, let alone the attention of someone who has ADHD, but yet I still want to write! I am not worldly and my troubles are no worse than anyone else's....So isn't it egotistical that I would even want to be heard, or to think that anything I would have to say would be unique to anyone?

What has tainted me so? A weathered life full of strife? Who knows, but here I am trying to carve a little niche in the meaning of life by sending a pseudo permanent marker of who I am and that I was real, and that my thoughts counted, out to some ethereal place and time.

We all want to feel eternal, as if the ink of the paper has almost dried and we have just moved away momentarily to seek something else. Who are we afraid that will forget us...for me, perhaps it is only myself.